EASA vs Airline FTL

Flight- and resttime calulations

Made for crews!

This is your all-in-one tool for flightduty- and resttime calculations under the new EASA Flight Time Limitations rules, (Commission regulation (EU) 83/2014), which are now in force.

As a sequel to the wide spread successful programs "EU-OPS vs MTV", and "EU-OPS", this app brings the new EASA FTLs to your iPad and iPhone. As before it also compares the results to company agreements of supported airlines, as well as EU-OPS.

Why this one and not another FTL app?
EASA vs Airline FTL is based on many years of experience calculating your duty and restttimes. The previous apps "EU-OPS vs MTV" and "EU-OPS" sold over 10.000 times all over Europe.

This is the only one that supports major airline's CWAs. Also, it imports your flight from your device's calendar. Some major roster apps also support a direct handover of your flights and even entire rotations. Those apps include Dutysheet (TUIfly), Offblock (Lufthansa), RosterBuster (coming soon) and iAIMS (coming soon).

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A must-have for all airline crews operation under EASA regulations, effective since Feb 18, 2016.

Additionally, compare them to the regulations of the following...

supported airlines:

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Frequently asked questions

Why is my airline not supported?
You can help me support your airline. Please contact me via the contact form on the website or out of the support section within the app.

Why is there an extra in-app purchase if I want to calculate my airline's limits?
This is simply a fair solution. You only pay for what you need. If your airline is not supported, you pay only the basic price for the app. If your airline is supported, it has been a lot of work for me to make this happen, so there is a small in-app fee.

Why can't I get passed the initial settings screen?
You need to set your homebase airport's IATA (3-letter) code. E.g. OSL for Oslo.

Why can't I set a free day in previous days (Acclimatization)
This is not necessary. Only times/dates and locations for your previous days are needed.

Do I have to set the start and end time for all previous days (Acclimatization)
You need to set at least the report time and location for all previous days. Otherwise acclimatization cannot be determined. If you also set the end of duty time, the app can detect disruptive duties. This is optional.

Is there an app for Android, Windows mobile or any other than iOs?
No. At this time we are developing for iOs devices only.

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There is absolutely no app related affiliation with EASA / European Air Safety Agency, nor any of the supported airlines. The developer is employed by one of the supported airlines as a pilot though.
The app is a calculator to support the user in making calculations in accordance with the authority's and the airline's or union's regulations, in order to double-check his own calculations. There may be errors. The developer is not responsible for any consequences the user may run into as a result of any calculations made with this app.